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Prompt Responses to Your Tax Needs

You could sooner find that elusive needle in the haystack than decipher the tax code, and you have far better things to do with your time. Thankfully for you, we spend our time studying the intricate details of the tax code to identify all of the ways to put those rules and regulations to work for you – so you don’t have to.

We prepare tax returns for a broad range of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Because we know you need more guidance than you can get from meeting with a tax preparer one time a year, we take a proactive, relationship-driven approach in providing you with valuable tax planning strategies and tax compliance consulting all year long. That means you can move toward your goals with confidence, knowing that the guidance we offer is based on our solid understanding of the tax code as it applies to your specific situation.

Your financial wellbeing depends upon sound tax advice, which is why our tax services remain at the heart of our business.


Tax laws are always changing, and noncompliance puts your business at risk – our experienced staff keep abreast of these changes to help keep you compliant. We offer a wide range of tax planning and return preparation services for a variety of corporations.

Estate & Trust

Estate planning involves so much more than having a will in place. Proper planning can reduce the heartache – and the burden of taxes – your heirs will have to endure during an already difficult time. Our experienced professionals can help you with estate planning and the preparation of estate and trust income tax returns.


Your tax needs are as individual as you are. We take an active approach to our tax planning and return preparation services, giving you the personalized guidance you need to reach your goals.


Handling payroll tax reporting procedures can be too much for small business owners to tackle alone, wasting valuable time you could be spending to grow your business. We offer flexible solutions to your payroll processing needs – outsourcing your payroll with us makes sense.


Our experienced tax professionals can help you understand how your property tax obligations impact your tax situation. We offer the range of property tax compliance and consulting services you need to ensure that your personal property tax return is filed properly.

Representation Before Taxing Authorities

Having an experienced accountant in your corner goes a long way toward easing your anxiety as you communicate with taxing authorities. We rely on our years of experience to provide you with the guidance you need, whether you need help responding to notices or representation at a hearing with a tax agency.

Sales & Use

In one way or another, almost every business is impacted by sales and use taxes. Our state sales tax specialists can help you determine if you have nexus in multiple states and can assist with your complex sales and use tax situation.


Your state tax liability isn’t limited to the state in which you reside or do business. We can help you file multi-state, resident, and non-resident returns, coordinating your deductions and credits to maximize your tax savings.


Partners In Your Success

Our accountants wear a lot of hats. When you work with Allegany Business Consulting, you get more than just an accountant – you get a business advisor.

Utilizing their extensive knowledge of financial and business services, our certified public accountants and consultants use your financial details to make big-picture recommendations. For your day-to-day operations, we offer services like bookkeeping, general ledger, internal control review, and financial statement preparation to help you maintain accurate financial and operational information. For broader decisions affecting your business’ future, we can assist you with planning for your cash flow and financing needs and estimating costs through budgeting and forecasting.

Our clients include individuals, partnerships, not-for-profit entities, small businesses, and large corporations across a variety of industries. We strive to keep your business ahead of the game by acknowledging the unique situations surrounding each business and by being mindful of the competitive and economic trends that directly impact your business.

Regardless of the type of engagement, the size of your business, or your industry, we’ll be aligned as your business partner, helping you make informed decisions to protect the legacy you have worked so hard to build.


Maintaining accurate books is critical for the success of your business. To this end, we offer a range of comprehensive bookkeeping services designed to keep your business running smoothly. We also offer bill paying in addition to normal book keeping.

Financial Statements

Your business’ needs determine the level of assurance service we provide. With our tailored approach to assurance services, we concentrate on maintaining a close and constructive relationship with you at all times.

QuickBooks Support

Manage your small business more efficiently with QuickBooks financial software. We offer on-site as well as remote QuickBooks consultation.


Delivering Solutions for your Business Challenges

Nobody knows your business better than you do. That’s why we take a relationship-oriented approach to our business consulting services. By sitting down with you one-on-one, we can pinpoint opportunities for increased efficiency and profitability, help you manage your business’ growing pains, and identify tax-saving strategies to keep your business moving forward.

In today’s business environment, the future of your business depends on your ability to adapt to change without losing track of your goals. As your trusted business advisors, we use the challenges you identify as a springboard for developing and implementing effective strategies to help you navigate the complicated business world and come out successfully on the other side.

With our certified public accountants and consultants on your side, you can be confident that you are making the best decisions for your business – the success of your business is as important to us as it is to you.

Employee Benefit Plans

You need a qualified retirement plan that is cost effective for you and attractive to your employees. Our skilled employee benefits department can help you design, implement, and administer a plan that fits your needs.

State and Local Tax Expertise

Using our extensive knowledge of state and local taxes, we take a closer look at your sales, income, franchise, and property taxes to ensure that you are paying only your fair share.